Google Voice does not support private extensions at this time. Phone Amego will remove extensions of the form "x123" before dialing.

Google Voice works best with 10-digit phone numbers that include the area code.

You cannot dial your own Google Voice number (from one of your designated numbers-to-ring).

When dialing or accessing Google Voice (or an IP phone), pressing Control (with the Debug window open) will display the WebKit window Phone Amego uses to communicate with Google Voice allowing you to see the login process in case of difficulty. If there's an extra password prompt or other alert, you should be able to see what happened and correct it.

At the time of this writing, there is no public API for Google Voice. Phone Amego is connecting through a WebKit window similar to the way you would connect using Safari. When Google makes changes to the service, these changes sometimes confuse programs that are looking for a particular pattern in the web page content.

If Phone Amego fails to show any of your forwarding numbers, please verify that Phone Amego is logging in to the desired Google Voice account.

Q: Does Phone Amego work with Google 2-step Authentication?
A: Yes, but you'll need to create a "one-time application-specific password" for Phone Amego. When you press and hold Control while trying to connect with Google Voice, Phone Amego will display the Webkit window it uses to communicate with Google Voice. You may need to login with your regular password and put in your authenticator code to have Google Voice remember this browser.