IPNetSentry Configuration

Configuration Problem

We cannot open a TCP connection to your IP address at IP_ADDRESS.

This IP address is a private Internet IP address and indicates that:

  • Your ISP is already performing Network Address Translation (NAT) and assigning you with a private IP address which cannot be reached from outside of their network.
  • You are behind some other Network Address Translation router at your facility which has assigned you this private IP address.

In either case, the IP address you have been assigned is unreachable over the public Internet (for incoming connections).

IPNetSentry is still working to protect your Macintosh. The default configuration file, which was placed in your Preferences folder during installation, provides excellent protection for most Macintosh users:

If you wish to make any changes to this file you can simply edit this file with any text editor (such as SimpleText). Please see our IPNetSentry Command Syntax document for further details on editing this file.

After making any changes to the IPNetSentry Config document you will need to first turn off IPNetSentry then turn it back on in order to invoke the new configuration.

If you are still having problems, please open a support case so that we can best assist you.