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Contact Information

Sustainable Softworks, Inc

13 Fieldside Drive

Cumberland, RI 02864 USA



Email: info "at" sustworks "dot" com

Telephone support is available by arrangement on an as needed basis.

To help us answer your question promptly, please consider the following:

• Review the User Guide on our web site including the FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips.

• Try to make it easy on us by describing:

-  what product you have

-  what software version

-  what telephone devices if any you are using

-  what you tried that didn't work the way you expected

• Please don't assume we know what you are thinking or have seen the same behavior.

Purpose and Context

Sustainable Softworks is an award winning Macintosh software developer inspired by building

tools to make technology more accessible and improve the Mac user experience.

The company was founded in 1996 by Peter Sichel to build a software IP router for the Mac,

and was instrumental in ushering in the era of reliable network connectivity and Internet

sharing with IPNetRouter (NAT router), IPNetMonitor (network diagnostic toolkit), and

IPNetTuner (TCP/IP tuner for improving network performance and compatibility). IPNetRouter

received a 1999 Macworld Editor's Choice Award for Best Network Utility and was licensed to

Apple Computer as part of the original AirPort Software Base Station.

Sustainable Softworks' dedication to customer support and continuous improvement has

attracted many delighted customers as it adds new products and features to extend the Mac in

areas that have otherwise been neglected.


Peter Sichel, Chief Engineer and Founder of Sustainable Softworks, has

a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and has worked as a

software professional in a leading fortune 100 company for over 14

years. His broad background in both hardware and software combined

with strong process and communication skills offers clients an unusually

comprehensive view of information system issues. [Read an interview]

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