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IPNetShareX is a small program designed to give users graphical access to Mac OS X's Network Address Translation (NAT) services without having to use the command line. NAT is a protocol used to share a single internet connection among multiple computers without requiring a dedicated hardware router. IPNetShareX can be used as an alternative to the basic Internet sharing feature of IPNetRouter.

Although IPNetShareX does not contain the more powerful features of Sustwork’s award-winning IPNetRouter software (such as filtering, DHCP server, and port mapping), it can still serve many simple network needs. IPNetShareX, like other NAT-based Internet sharing solutions imposes some limitations due to sharing a single public IP address. While basic email, web surfing, and file transfer work well with NAT, some games and streaming protocols do not.

IPNetShareX uses unix "natd" and "ipfw". It does not provide full access to the TCP/IP configuration of your machine, or to other advanced features such as a built-in DHCP server. You can use our Search feature (see the left-hand column) to learn more about these tools on our website, or look in the documentation supplied with Mac OS X.


Differences between IPNetShareX Pro and IPNetShareX

As of July 1, 2002, we are offering two options with regard to IPNetShareX.

Use IPNetShareX Pro if:

  • you are a commercial organization
  • you may need technical support with this software

Use IPNetShareX if:

  • you will be using IPNetShareX in a non-commercial installation AND
  • you will not require technical suppport.

IPNetShareX Pro registration is $25.00 and can be immediately ordered from our online registration site.

IPNetShareX registration keys can be obtained at no charge from our website as described in the included documentation.

In both cases you will need a registration key in order to continue running the software after the initial 21 day trial period. You just need to copy and paste the entire XML key file into the registration edit box and click the Accept button.

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X.
  • A connection to the Internet. IPNetShareX can be used with cable modems, xDSL, dial-up modems, or most other data link providers.
  • At least one network interface card connected to a network. We recommend that you use two cards. This is more secure because you are not mixing internal and external data on the same card. Airport cards, as well as the internal ethernet cards now shipped on all Macs, are acceptable.

Known Limitations:

Unix "natd" operates somewhat differently from the NAT implementation in IPNetRouter. "natd" does not translate ICMP. This means you may not be able to ping or traceroute through your gateway. IPNetShareX (natd) supports static Single Ethernet configurations.