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IPNetRouterX User Comments

Clasic IPNetRouter has worked great for years. And now that I have finally moved to OSX IPNetRouterX is working great too.

Thanks for the great software.

Bryan Casebolt

I don't have any experience with IPNetSentry, I do however run IPNetRouterX on an old G3 Blue & White. I have ran it with Jaguar, Panther, and Tiger. It is an awesome product. It provides a level of granularity that you are not going to get anywhere else IMHO. Before purchasing it I looked at hardware solutions in the $2k range that can't touch what this software does. There is 100+ client stations at this company being fed off of it without any noticeable latency. I have multiple public ip's mapped and provide (or have successfully provided) all kinds of services (http, ftp, SSH, VNC, AFP, etc...) without any problems. I can and do map public ip ports to private ip ports with a couple of mouse clicks and I couldn't bang out a router table to save my life (nor would I want to). I like having a consolidated firewall & router, it makes things simpler. I must also say that I have never been given the level of support and response times that Peter gives, with any other product costing any amount of money. I must admit there is a bit of a learning curve in getting it set up and tweaked the way you want it, but this is only because it is so powerful. Rome wasn't built in a day. Once you do get your head around it, you realize it's potential for handling pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Allan Claunch

I have been using IPNetRouter and IPNetMonitor classic for a year now and have been very pleased with the results. I just upgraded to OS X and have been using the trial version of IPNetRouterX and IPNetMonitorX. I have only one thing to say, "Wow!" The number of features is amazing, and the speed is incredible. A little 400MHz G3 is more than powerful enough to rout my network, serve a web site, and monitor all traffic. With this upgrade I should get a few more years out of that old machine. Thanks for the great products and keep up the good work.

I found your site while searching for ways to enable a Mini on two Ethernet subnets. Your drivers worked with a USB-to-Ethernet D-Link DUN interface, and I was immediately interested in your other tools, of course, once I made my way here.

A very nice tight excellent product which we are going to use to upgrade our versions of vicomsoft intergate which we have been greatly disapointed with. I am particularily impressed with the NAT functions and the ability to run multiple subnets on a single network. A great all around product that is by far worth more then the selling price.

Powerfull, reliable app and helpfull staff. We've been using IPnetrouter for 5 years now and it's getting even better. If you want control and flexibility, its the cheapest tool that gives you that.


Peter, I'd like to thank you again for your excellent support with our recent IPNetRouter X issues.  All of the open issues I mentioned to you in my previous emails have been corrected by the 1.2c7 release.  

iChat remains stable, our DHCP is working, and we can see all our sites (including those on our firewalled subnets from inside or outside of the building).

Bill Pederson
Chief Technical Officer
Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

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