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IPNetSentry is a simple and intelligent security application which protects your Macintosh from outside Internet intruders. This is particularly important for Macintosh users who have cable modem, DSL, or another high-speed Internet service where connections can be maintained and left unattended for hours (or days) at a time.

Unlike most other Internet security products, IPNetSentry does not erect barriers for the safe use of your Internet connection. There is no need to "punch holes" in a firewall for specific applications you may wish to run. Instead, IPNetSentry silently and intelligently watches for suspicious behavior, and when triggered, invokes a solid filter which completely bans the potential intruder from your Macintosh.

Price: $60 (Includes IPNetSentryX key)


System Requirements

  • MacOS 7.6.1 and Open Transport 1.1.1 or later
  • Macintosh PowerPC
  • A Macintosh capable of connecting to the Internet using the TCP/IP protocol suite.







"IPNetSentry is a simple-to-use yet advanced application for all your firewall needs. Instructions are easy for anyone to understand plus the ability to test your network to see if it is blocking outside connections is a great plus."



IPNetSentry now supports IP based access authorization -- even for remote users who have dynamic IP addresses.

See Application Note 2001 for more details.