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Keyclick User Comments

Keyclick is surprisingly effective. After only a little while using it, I already feel like I'm pounding on the keyboard less. The little popping sounds are perfectly unobtrusive and quite pleasant to listen to.

D. Sandler

I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I saw your KeyClick download page... I thought to myself "who in the world would want this?", but then I went ahead and tried it anyway and this is so useful! It's especially useful when your computer suddenly slows down, and on high latency SSH connections it's worth all 250¢ and then some ;-)

Ryan Erwin

This ultra-cool preference pane will vastly improve both your Mac keyboard and your typing accuracy! Generous 21-day trial period and ridiculously low price of $5 for up to 5 of your computers! Read the TidBits newsletter's glowing review at

Catherine Franklin
Computer Arts of Alaska

Keyclick has great value when I'm using my laptop "undocked", on my lap with no external monitor - I've really enjoyed the audible feedback from the otherwise-quiet MacBook Pro keyboard.

Rich Siegel
Bare Bones Software

I just got thinking today about my silent keyboard and felt a craving for a wicked sweet typewriter sound for key presses.

This app was everything I was looking for and then some. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I used it for about 10-minutes and bought it. It is VERY CPU friendly also which is a great thing. I feel like I stole it for the price of $2.50 I plan to recommend it to my family members to buy. I love the mouse button press sound for video podcasting where you are showing what you are doing on the screen. Lastly the EXCLUDE list is very much appreciated for such things as games and keynote :) I actually feel faster typing with the sound because I do not need to have visual feedback of my keystrokes when typing.

Robert Nixon

Keyclick is the missing cornerstone that I've been missing for a very long time. Finally someone, bold enough, stepped forth to fill this obvious void in the world of Mac geekery.

A truly refreshing app that really belongs to anyone who's serious about typing.

Henrik Cederblad,


Easy peasy lemon squeezy; awesome product at a low, low, low price! The subtle sounds make for a more productive Mac experience. Glad I found you guys!


I am registered blind and find keyclick helpful.

T. Mannus