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Continued Care

If your product registration is more than one year old and you need technical support from us, please subscribe to our Continued Care program. This $24.95 annual subscription program allows us to continue to offer the same high-quality, responsive tech support that you’ve come to expect from us. In addition, your Continued Care subscription ID puts you at the top of the support queue.

For more information, please click here.

Please keep in mind that when you purchase Sustainable Softwork’s Continued Care and need help, you're in direct contact with the developers of the software, people who know the products from the inside and out. You can’t find more knowledgeable support anywhere, especially when it comes to the complexities of Macintosh networking.


Technical Support Form

This form is for specific questions/problems which you have encountered when running a Sustainable Softworks product.

Please complete all information and click the submit button. A case incident number will be generated and we will promptly review the material submitted.

Please refer to our Information Request/Feedback Form, if you only need information about a specific product or would like to submit feedback to help us improve our products and documentation.

IPNetRouter Problems? - Please read this first.

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Please complete the following for IPNetRouter or IPNetShareX questions/problems
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IPNetRouter Configuration File: (only for IPNetRouter) Save your current IPNetRouter configuration file under the "File" menu. Then open it with SimpleText, copy the entire text, and paste below.
IPNetRouter Log File: (only for IPNetRouter) Open the IPNetRouter Log Window (using the menu command beneath "Window"), copy the last 30 lines or so. Paste these below.