Q: I notice Phone Amego is available on your website AND on the Mac App Store. Is there any advantage to getting it one place over the other?

A: The web site version is often a little ahead of the Mac App Store version and offers more interactive customer support. If you encounter a problem or have a feature request, I can send you a test version directly. If you are using the trial version from my web site and it's working for you, registering it on my web site will let you keep using the software that is already installed and working on your system.

The advantage of the Mac App Store is transparent (and less frequent) product updates. The Mac App Store does not allow beta test versions and requires a more rigorous submission and review process.  Some features don't meet Apple's submission guidelines so need to be disabled (but you can download and install them manually yourself if desired).  A Mac App Store receipt only unlocks software downloaded through the Mac App Store.

The Mac App Store allows you to download your purchased software anytime you like, and use the software on more than one computer within a family household by unlocking it with the same Apple ID.

I offer a choice to gain the exposure of being in the Mac App Store and let users decide what works best for them.

[July 2012]
Updating the Mac App Store version of Phone Amego has become tricky due to Apple's recent sandboxing rules.  Since one of Phone Amego's reasons to exist is integration with other applications, it is not a good candidate for sandboxing. The website version of Phone Amego is signed with an Apple Developer ID so remains fully compatible with GateKeeper.

If you have previously registered Phone Amego through the Mac App Store and would like to upgrade to the website version, please
Email me with a copy of your Mac App Store receipt.

[October 2013]
The Mac App Store version of Phone Amego is not compatible with OS X Mavericks because Apple removed the previous Bluetooth Audio API. I have submitted an updated version to the Mac App Store which was rejected due to sandboxing issues which I am working on.

In the mean time, you can use the latest version from my website here: